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    Wollongong, Illawarra and South Coasts first and only Head Lice Removal Salon.

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    Why waste time, energy and money on head lice products that do not work ? One single Lice Ladies treatment is all thats needed to kill head lice and eggs in most cases, and children can return to school right after the your visit.


    Almost all prescription and over the counter medications sold today contain some form of pesticide for treating head lice. The Lice Ladies prides itself on using all natural and chemical free products to ensure your child’s delicate skin is protected, while eliminating those pesky head lice.


    The lice ladies can safely and effectively rid your family of head lice problems with just one pesticide free treatment. We also offer advice and guidance in preventative measures for safeguarding your entire family from re-infestation. Our goal is to help keep your family free of head lice today and in the future.