• Schools

    We Provide special services to Schools and group situations such as Camps , Daycare Centres. A No Nit Policy should be implemented at All Schools and we at The Lice Ladies are here to help . Information Packs , Identification Flyers or Lice Ladies Flyers can be provided to your school at any time . Presentations and meetings with the schools P&C Association can be organised at any time and a plan can be put into place to stop head lice infestation within your schools .

     Lice Screenings

    Prevent Head Lice Infestations from sweeping throughout your school through preventative actions . Why not get The Lice Ladies to come to your school and do a full screening of all the students and provide a report discreetly identifying affected students so a notification letter can be sent home to their parents ?

    The Lice Ladies charge the school nothing for this service however a travelling fee may apply .                                          


    Lice Notification Letters 
    Notifies parents that their child or a child in the same class has head lice and advises the parent on what to do.

    Head Lice Clearance Certificates 

    Given to children we have screened or treated to give to the school nurse so that they may return to class.

    Educational Presentations 
    For parents, P&C Associations, and staff on how to
    prevent, detect, and eradicate head lice.

    Discounted Products and Service Programs                                                                    
    Contact us about setting up a program to meet
    the needs of your school or group.



    A No Nit Policy will help us all work together to finally eradicate head lice from our schools