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    I would like to thank Jenny from the bottom of my heart . You were so compassionate , kind and informative.

    My daughter has suffered from head lice for 6 months now and no chemist product has helped . What a relief to finally have her lice free and happy again . Thank You So Much !!!

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  • Feb


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    The Lice Ladies was recommended to me by a mother from school . What a shock when i realized that my daughter had head lice . That night i frantically bought a product from the chemist and a nit comb and spend two hours removing all the lice i could see. Two weeks later they were back and i booked a appointment with the Lice ladies

    These ladies were amazing ! The Lice Ladies were patient , gentle and most importantly thorough . It was a great service and i fully recommend them to anyone facing the same problems .

    Sincerely Carolyn

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  • Jan


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    The Lice ladies are providing a much needed service to the local community . I am a teacher at a local school and know full well the frustration that head lice are causing within our schooling system . Something needs to be done to stop this infestation plaguing our school and the Lice Ladies are the answer. All schools need to back this wonderful service and let us finally control this schoolyard menace .

    Wonderful job u are doing Ladies .

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  • Jan


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    In a absolute time of crisis , these ladies were patient , kind and concerned and took the time to talk to me till i saw them at my appointment two days later . They took care of me and my daughter during the service with me sitting and relaxing with a coffee and my daughter being treated as a queen as she played a psp game . Well worth the hour and a half trip . Great people and Great service . Thank u so much .

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  • Dec


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    I was sick with worry and embarrassment when i noticed my daughter , Maddy  had head lice . I tried three different treatments from the chemist and none helped . I found your website and called you up . We booked in a appointment  the next day and what a wonderful job u did . She now is nit free thanks to your wonderful service and helpful advice . Thank u so much Jenny .

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